The fastest and most robust real-time mapping tool on the market

UBIWAN®CONNECT not only provides you with very precise and real-time tracking, but also, thanks to its advanced features, lets you know and optimize travel times and downtimes, lets you automate the clocking in, calculate overtime and distance bonuses for your field workers, shows unauthorized uses of vehicules outside time-slots and permitted areas, and allows you to quickly find the nearest resource to the intervention site.

UBIWAN connect

For optimal management and real-time monitoring of your fleet, UBIWAN®CONNECT provides you (on PC, tablet or smartphone) with:

  • An instant view of the vehicles (location, driver, speed, status, nearby places of interest).
  • A tracking of your places of interest (customer address, agency, warehouse...) and setting up of zones.
  • A history of completed trips.
  • A planning of assignments.
  • Alerts (email or sms) when crossing zones or time zones
  • Statistics on all collected data
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UBIWAN® CONNECT is always linked to one of our UBISPOT® whose specifications depend on your use case (environmental and social context, interactions with other sensors…).

Maintenance Option


The Maintenance Option of UBIWAN® CONNECT allows you to enhance your fleet management by warning you automatically of an upcoming maintenance in order to schedule an appointment.

UBIWAN connect

Main features:

  • 3 parameters to determine the deadline: date, mileage, engine using time
  • Thresholds alerts (configurable).
  • Possible integration of vehicles not equipped with UBIWAN®CONNECT.
Temperature Option


The Temperature Option of UBIWAN®CONNECT combines the geolocation and temperature monitoring functions of your refrigerated vehicles withing a single solution.

This option allows you to remotely control the proper functionning of your refrigeration unit, to prove the products temperature when delivered and the respect of the cold chain during transportation, to reveal inappropriate behavior (opening doors for too long, bad partitions management…) while giving your more control over delivery punctuality and downtime.

UBIWAN connect

Main features:

  • Real time actualisation of data.
  • SMS and/or email alarms.
  • Correlating stops and temperatures at departure, at arrival and on average over the last 45 minutes.
  • Reports and history.
  • Wireless (RFID tags) control by autonomous sensors.
  • Multizone management (possibility to have several sensors on a single vehicle, for instance to manage different partitions).