The real time rounds management solution (Services & Deliveries)

UBIWAN® DRIVE allows you not only to plan and address your roadmaps to your delivery personnel or technicians, but also to remotely send them updates at any time. The visibility and the interaction capacity provided to your intinerant staff empower and value them as essential actors of the intervention quality and the delivery speed. Real-time exchanges between them allow you to anticipate delays and to handle better emergencies while reducing the time spent on the phone.

The latest features regarding clients signature gathering, photo shots and parcel management now provide a comprehensive and effective management of the intervention or the delivery. Usable in stand-alone, UBIWAN® DRIVE can also be connected (input or output) to your other management softwares via its API.

UBIWAN connect

Major features:

  • Driver authentication.
  • Remote loading and updates of the roadmap, at any time.
  • Proof of visit.
  • Interventions qualification via reports and photographs.
  • Deliveries qualification by return references of undelivered packages.
  • Pre-set workflow with status choice and free commenting.
  • On-screen sending and reception of instructions.
  • Intuitive handling thanks to a Material Design ergonomy.
  • For your driver on the road, a clear vision of the missions, ordered by deadline or proximity.
  • Navigation via your chosen application on smartphone.
UBIWAN connect

Via the Garmin screen, you also benefit from :

  • Robustness and autonomy of a mobile equipment.
  • Optimization of heavy truck journeys with specific cartography (indefinitely updated).

UBIWAN® DRIVE relies on our real-time fleet management tool UBIWAN® CONNECT, and on the robustness of the Garmin Screen. UBIWAN® DRIVE is always coupled to one of our UBISPOT® which characteristics may vary according to your needs. (context of interaction with other functions or sensors).

The solution is available on Garmin and smartphone.