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Operational management of your mobile assets

Where are my mobile assets at the moment?

How long have they been used today?

Is there a nacelle available on my site?

With UBIWAN®, track your outdoor mobile assets, disclose their use, and gain in competitiveness and safety

UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your competitiveness

  • Optimize the use of your on-site or inter-site assets to reduce your costs of ownership.
  • Reduce your need to rent equipment.
  • Reduce your maintenance and indirect costs (communication, administrative processing, time spent searching for equipment...)
  • Simplify materials assignement.
  • Save time, money and gain responsiveness.
  • Add value to your contribution within the supply chain.
UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your clients satisfaction

  • Give your managers the comfort and the autonomy provided by the use of a definitely digital tool.
  • Benefit from the dynamics provided by a realiable and easy-to-use collaborative tool.

Thanks to our UBIWAN® range you can know at any time where is all your equipment through the geolocation of your mobile assets. Our solutions ensure the tracking of your mobile assets, allowing you to know their using time in order to optimize it.