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Operational management of your deliveries

Where are my delivery drivers right now?

How much time do they spend with customers?

Did my driver show up at this shop?

How to prove that the cold chain has been respected?

How to dematerialize roadmaps and update them along the way?

How to inform and be informed in real time of deliveries progress?

How to better assist and help my drivers, how to empower them?

With UBIWAN®, control the quality of your deliveries at all times, increase trust and competitiveness.

UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your competitiveness

  • Optimize your rounds and make your drivers aware of the time they spend with customers.
  • Reduce your indirect costs of communication, vehicles use, administrative processing…
  • Get performance indicators to manage your business.
UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your clients satisfaction

  • Develop your company's professionalism, quality of service and brand image thanks to the reduction of disputes with customers (proof of visits and traceability of transport conditions).
  • Empower your drivers and value their work by eliminating suspicions, promoting communication and allowing them to feel recognized as part of the transport quality of service.

UBIWAN® is a smart tool that allows you to optimize delivery control and fleet management. You will improve the quality of your service and therefore your customers satisfaction. Our range offers a real-time mapping of your vehicle fleet (position, driver, speed, status, proximity...) and a stops history.

Thanks to UBIWAN® delivery tracking, communication is facilitated with your employees who send and receive messages directly on their GPS navigator. This is an opportunity to optimize rounds planning. The delivery tracking guarantees you a proof of visit of your drivers with the customer electronic signature. The analysis of time spent at the customer's can be integrated directly into your CRM.

UBIWAN® products can be connected to your current tools such as schedule management for an optimal interface without double entry. They facilitate maintenance planning and help reduce carbon footprint. The traceability of temperatures, via the Temperature Option, ensures the respect of the cold chain, and thus improves service quality quality and customer relationship, avoiding refusals of goods.

Your drivers roadmap dematerialization via UBIWAN® enhances your company responsiveness and simplifies the follow-up of your field staff.


Expérience SEB
18 heavy trucks
16 commercial vehicles

« We've been using UBIWAN® CONNECT, UBIWAN® REPORT and UBIWAN® API since 2006 for the analysis of time spent at the customer's, the temperature option, and API that integrate data directly into our CRM. DMIC's solution allows us to increase productivity thanks to rounds optimization, and enhance service quality and customer relationship thanks to the respect of the cold chain. »
40 logistics vehicles
(heavy trucks and light commercial vehicles)
« We have been using UBIWAN® CONNECT, UBIWAN® REPORT, UBIWAN® DRIVE and UBIWAN® API since 2004 to dematerialize roadmaps and API, allowing us to define the missions of UBIWAN® DRIVE in real-time. DMIC solutions allow us to facilitate our fleet management and to enhance the company responsiveness. »