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Operational management of your recreational vehicles

Is my equipment working and ready to serve my clients?

How to know whether my jet skis are trespassing an unauthorized area?

What is the distance covered by my clients this morning?

Where are my vehicles?

Are they getting closer to the base? When did they fill up the tank?

With UBIWAN®, optimize the use of your recreational vehicles. Increase trust and safety.

UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your competitiveness

  • Improve the management of des departure/return to the base, increase your daily rounds.
  • Save time and gain optimization and responsiveness.
UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase customers satisfaction

  • Provide your clients with peace of mind when they leave independently: you will be able to locate them quickly.
  • Restore trust by eliminating suspicions.
  • Simplify the settlement of dispute between employees and clients.

Our solutions UBIWAN® ensure the geolocation of your recreational vehicle and facilitate rental management. You benefit from real-time tracking of your leisure engines. You can know their location and be assured of their availability and good working order. Thanks to the optimization of your equipment management, you increase your customers satisfaction and guarantee their safety.