What is LoRa®?
LoRa ® is an acronym standing for "Long Range", a radio transmission technology allowing your equipments to share wireless information. Above all, it is a radio modulation technique that defines how information will be broadcast. Following the 2012 takeover of Cycleo, the French company who filed it, Semtech (California, USA) now own this technology patent.

LoRa® is a technology from the lpWAN (low power Wide Area Network) network series which main features are:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Long range (15 km).
  • High resilience to disturbance and interference thanks to a spread-spectrum technique.

LoRa<SUP>®</SUP> map LoRa® network coverage

What are LoRa® specific assets?
The major issue regarding the development of industry solutions (Internet Of Things) is to allow all kinds of equipments to communicate, and to have measuring devices (captors) working without electricity suppply in order to facilitate the set up. These captors transmit datas at regular intervals (from several times a day to several time an hour) with only battery power supply.
Thanks its low energy consumption, LoRa ® allows for instance the functioniong of a temperature captor for 10 years with only one AA battery.

In which fields is LoRa® worth using?
There are many applications and possibilities, but we can still name:

  • Agriculture to monitor irrigation systems.
  • Water supply to automatically deliver the amounts used or to monitor networks leaks.
  • Logistics to track equipements.
  • Environnement to monitor pollution and weather evolution.
  • Health to diagnose patients in real time.
  • Home automation or fire detection captors.
  • ...

How does DMIC use this technology?
DMIC has been a LoRa-Alliance member since 2015, and contributed to this technology notoriety in order to ensure its quick adoption.
Since 2017, DMIC provides its clients with a unique working site equipment tracking solution: UBIWAN®, that works with a captor, UBISPOT3®, especially using LoRa® technology, functions independently for 5 years.
UBIWAN® is used by major players in the building and public works sector, in France and abroad.

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