Définition OBD
OBD means On Board Diagnostics. The OBD plug allows your dealer to make a diagnosis of your vehicle. It is an electronic plug linked to your on-board computer that show error codes that may have been reported by your vehicle. For example, injection problems, intake valve or brakes faults…

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A standard
This standard was born in the United States in the late 1980's, since, it has seen various improvements to make the maintenance procedures of car manufacturers easier. Gradually, until 2004 European car manufacturers have integrated the OBD plug in their vehicles.

From January 1st 2004, following a decision of the European Community, this plug is mandatory in every light vehicles which GVWR is less than 5511 lb sold in Europe. It was then extended to all vehicles (utilities and tourism) sold from 2007.

How to find it?
Mandatory in the interior of the vehicle, there are many websites to locate this plug. It is often to the left of the dashboard under the steering wheel. It can also be located on the center console (at the parking brake).

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What are the advantages of using the QLOBD Plug in this case?
The main reason lies in the simplification of the assembly. Our QLOBD equipment is compatible with this plug, the simple fact of connecting it provides all the information and electrical connections necessary for its operation.
You can thus secure your vehicles and take advantage of our geolocation solutions without any welding on your vehicle. In addition, we regularly add information from the OBD plug. This concerns the mileage of the vehicle, its chassis number (useful for fleet managers), the speedometer, the engine temperature...
What are the risks for my vehicle?
None, our system only listens to geolocation informations and does not dialogue with your vehicle.

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What do you need to know about the OBD plug?
Even if the plug is standardized, the embedded system on this plug may be different from one manufacturer to another. Our role is to provide you with maximum information regardless of the vehicle.