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Operational management of your drivers

Where are my technicians right now?

How much time do they spend on each intervention?

Which vehicle is the closest to this customer's address?

How long and how are my vehicles used?

How to reduce the usage cost my vehicles in intervention?

How to optimize the schedule of the day of my technicians?

How to inform and be informed in real time of missions' progress?

How to better assist and help my technicians to empower them?

With UBIWAN® optimize in real time the planning of your drivers and the quality of your customer relationship.

UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase your competitiveness

  • Reduce the usage cost of your vehicles. Installing UBIWAN® CONNECT allows you to notice, after 1 year, an automatic reduction of 10 to 15% of the exploitation cost only on the fuel!
  • Reduce your indirect costs by having a better distribution of the mobile teams' activity. Reduce overtime and time spent managing roaming staff by several days per month!
  • Reduce the training time required for new employees to join a recurring tour.
UBIWAN compétitvité

With UBIWAN® increase customers satisfaction

  • Empower your service technicians by promoting communication and assisting them in their intervention.
  • Develop the service quality and the image of the company: responsiveness, reduced response time, lessened customer disputes, professionalism...

Our UBIWAN® range combines the geolocation of your technicians' vehicles and the control of their planning for a round optimizations. You benefit from a real-time follow-up to improve your rounds management of your drivers and therefore the quality of your customer relationship.

Thanks to UBIWAN®, agency managers know the precise activity times of employees and can inform customers about any delays. Emergencies are managed optimally thanks to an instant knowledge of available technicians and their location. The quality of service is thus much better thank to a greater reactivity.

The specific reports issued by our products make it possible to determine distance bonuses. The tracking of technician schedules ensures an efficient distribution of the workload and the reduction of calls to employees. Inbound and outbound data exchanges allow you to make the most profit of your current tools (CRM, ERP, schedule management).

UBIWAN® reduces the training time required for new employees thanks to course synchronization. Communication with your employees is also facilitated by sending messages directly to their Gps navigator. The quality of service is thus improved, for an optimal optimal customer satisfaction.


197 utility vehicles
spread over 10 agencies.
« We have been using UBIWAN® CONNECT and UBIWAN® REPORT since 2005 for driver tracking and specific reports sent automatically. DMIC's solutions allow us to provide better customer service, facilitate distance bonuses, efficiently allocate workloads, and reduce calls to technicians.»
4 vehicles
dedicated to nightwatch
« We use UBIWAN® CONNECT and UBIWAN® DRIVE for reports to prove crossing point with customer, as well as send relevant informations to drivers in case of issues on a site. DMIC's solutions allow us to reduce the training time for new employees and improve the quality of service with customers by improving responsiveness. »