Global management of your outdoor equipment and machinery (construction, agricultural...)

First really functional solution available on the French market, UBIWAN® SMART with UBISPOT® 3 is a major innovation in the industrial world in general and in the construction industry in particular: be able to locate, reveal usage time and availability of all outdoor equipment, including those without their own power source.


CKey Features of UBIWAN® SMART:

  • Location of all your outdoor assets (motorized or not).
  • Map visualization centered by site (construction site, port, airport ...) or by type of material.
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment activity.
  • Immediate visibility of available materials.
  • Sharing information in collaborative mode.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Cost Optimization.
UBIWAN connect

Key features of UBISPOT® :

  • Self-sufficient up to 5 years.
  • GNSS/GPRS/LoRa™.
  • Motion detector.
  • Ready to install (without any setup).
  • Waterproof, robust, tamper-proof.